// Lines starting with "//" and BLANK lines are ignored. // The first line is treated as the TITLE of the question tab on the app. Enter just the date of Life Group below this line: January 22, 2020 // Place the life group question text below this line. One line here represents one line of text/question in the app. Again, blank lines are ignored: Icebreaker: What website or store do you spend time looking for something you want? How do you define lust of the eye? What is something you were greedy with as a child? Do you give freely to others or give sparingly? Give an example. How does your thinking change with the thought I bring a tithe instead of giving a tithe? How have you been blessed by bringing tithes and offerings? How do you define covetousness? How have you compared yourself or your possessions to someone else? How has comparison hurt you? Give an example of a time you felt anger or resentment towards God in feeling like you are less than others. Tell of a time you felt like you weren’t accepted because you didn’t have what others had or did.